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Baby Hero is a socially responsible children's clothing brand that makes luxurious, organic and eco-friendly products. Every Baby Hero product funds a Neonatal Survival Kit for a mother and her newborn in the developing world, helping them survive childbirth and the vulnerable first weeks of life. Our company pays fair prices to the cotton farmer and fair wages to the garment worker making our products from source to user to beneficiary, 360 degrees ethical. #ChampionLife


A Surprise Kenyan Birth Story!

January 29, 2015

This post is written by Dr. Shaun Morris, who created the Neonatal Survival Kit  that Baby Hero helps fund. He recently returned from a trip to Pakistan and Kenya to visit the study sites for the Kit. While in Kenya, he heard a remarkable story of a pregnant mother who used this kit for an unassisted birth. As part of our recent field visit to Kenya, my colleague Lisa and I visited several dispensaries to observe various parts of the trial in action. Dispensaries in rural Kenya function li...

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