June 26, 2016


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We are two mothers who created Baby Hero to improve the lives of young families around the globe. With every purchase of our gorgeous, organic baby clothes, you fund life-saving medical products for mothers and newborns in need and provide dignified employment to marginalized communities, making an extraordinary difference in the lives of others. 

~Alicia & Samar, Co-Founders, Baby Hero

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Meet Emmanual Mwamunga : A first-hand account of the field-study in Kenya

The impact of our work at Baby Hero extends further than we initially ever imagined. While we expected to affect the families receiving the Neonatal Survival Kit your purchases fund, we have been heartened to learn of the positive impact on the lives of those involved with the field study on the Kit, especially the Community Health Workers who go door to door meeting the mothers and babies using the Kit. 

This story was sent in by Emmanuel Mwamunga, a team leader in Mombassa, Kenya, responsible for managing the Neonatal Kit’s field activities in the Mamba region. 


Tell us about your childhood, what you wanted to be when you "grew up"?

At first my childhood dreams and future expectation were bright with the hope to became a doctor one day. I struggled to do my level best but what betrayed me in my family was a financial problem which hindered me from fulfilling my expectations. I still got a chance to get a primary education at Mamba primary school up to class 8.  The journey towards my dream was still alive so I joined Mazeras secondary through some local help. After my Form 4 I went to driving school and later did my computer studies. Life was not that easy - I had to look for a place I could work to further my studies and I was focused on doing casual work to pay for my diploma in community health, which I managed to complete. I am happy to be chosen as a team leader and serve my community in health matters.

Tell us what excites you the most about working on the Neonatal Survival Kit study?


Working within the kit study has given me the hope that I am able to work as a team leader and cooperate with others for good performance. It has also made me famous in my community since everybody views me as a very important person. Finally, the kit study has saved the lives of newborns and contributed to their brain development so in the future we will have a bright and health community. I wish this project will continue so that I can continue serving my community.

How has working on the kit trial changed your view of the future and the work you plan to do.

The kit trial has changed my views of life in future because through this study I have built a good house and started a small income generating business of photocopying, phone changing and photograph services which have really supported me.

Samar Shaheryar
Samar Shaheryar


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