#GlobalKidizen Blog: Happy Holi!

Holi, also known as the "festival of colors" or the "festival of love", is a celebration to commemorate the start of spring, the triumph of good over evil in Hindu mythology and the story of the love between Radha and Krishna, a Hindu Goddess and God. Mainly located in India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, the festival consists of throwing colored water and powder on friends and family, much singing and dancing. The colored dye is meant to symbolize Krishna (whose skin was blue), playfully smearing co...

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Hero Parent: 10 Questions with Alia Eyres, CEO of Mother's Choice

Alia Eyres is CEO of Mother’s Choice, a local charity serving the many children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong. Alia leads a team of 150 at Mother's Choice who work on providing quality support services for children, youth and families in crisis, including a child care home, foster care services, non-judgemental support to pregnant teens, and adoption services.  Prior to joining Mother’s Choice as CEO in 2012, Alia was a corporate lawyer in Hong Kong and in New York. Bo...

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The Global Parent: Empowering Women = Giving Dignified Work

Like most parents, I think all the time about the world, the environment in which my children are growing up. While much of their education will come from what they learn in our home and at school, the direction their lives will take is highly dependant on the larger context and shape of the world in which they will live. Will there be peace? prosperity? clean air? equal opportunities for my daughters and my son? No matter how well my husband and I raise them, how much attention we pay to th...

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52 Random Acts of Kindness for Children

Why do we focus on teaching our children empathy and caring? Because we know that the connections we create with others are the key to success in every part of our life, from the professional to the personal. We've compiled a list of 52 actions you can encourage your little one to do any day that encourage connection with others. Practices that will teach them valuable lessons in caring, empathy, and also build good habits. Learn how to say thank you in a new language Wave hello and smile at...

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#GlobalKidizen Blog: 8 Traditions for Welcoming a New Baby from around the World

A birth, especially a first birth, can be a bewildering experience for a new mother and father. While most of us expect parenting to be intuitive, we quickly find out that a lot of it comes from practice and experience, making it all the more important for communities to play a significant role in the welcoming of a new life. Rituals around birth help welcome children into their new communities and are some of the most varied and special traditions, representing a culture’s views on the circl...

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#GlobalKidizen Blog: What to Expect From Your Year of the Rooster Baby

As 1.4 billion people on the planet get ready to welcome the Year of the Rooster in the Chinese Lunar calendar, we asked local expert in Chinese astrology, Jill Lander of Golden Elements Consulting, about the origin and meaning of the Chinese Zodiac and what to expect from all the sweet new babies being born in the Year of the Rooster.  What is Feng Shui and how is it related to the Chinese Zodiac? Feng Shui is the art of ‘harnessing’ Earth's luck. It is based on the Five Elements theory, ho...

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The Global Parent: Notes on Being and Raising Global Citizens

Today we start a new blog series, The Global Parent: Notes on Being and Raising Global Citizens. Baby Hero is run by women who have roots in multiple countries. We share the belief that all cultures and people have equal value and while we have more that unites us than divides us, our differences are beautiful and should be celebrated. We believe taking care of this planet we all share is of supreme importance as is fighting for equal opportunity for all its inhabitants. Being a good parent ...

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