A bouncy castle, an indoor play gym, healthy snacks and a fun group of parents - what else could you ask for in a playdate?

Our inaugural Baby Hero Playdate, 'Eat, Play, Love' on Tuesday, February 11th featured all of the above. Donations to The Baby Hero Foundation from our generous attendees allowed us to fund Neonatal Survival Kits for TWENTY-ONE mothers and babies. For more about these efficient, low-cost, life-saving kits, please see here.



We loved meeting the diverse families who attended the playdate, including mothers and children from India, South Africa, Japan, Hong Kong, Tunisia, US, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Pakistan, and Poland! We had a great discussion on transitioning our children to solids, including the different approaches of introducing solids (such as Baby Led Weaning and purees), the best time to introduce solids to our children and the first foods to try.  We also discussed how a sibling’s introduction to solids may differ than the first child.  Avoiding sugar for the first year, for example, is relatively easy to do with your first child, but how do you control sugar intake in your second, particularly if your first has a sweet tooth? Quite the dialogue ensued..! We're happy to report over the course of the morning, new friendships were formed and the kids left their morning playdate well worn out and ready for a nap!



Our sincere thanks to the parents who came out in spite of the chilly morning and a big shout out for Choice Cooperative  who donated a portion of their sales to the Baby Hero Foundation.



We hope to see you at our next playdate! If you'd like to join our mailing list to learn about future events, please sign up here.



The Baby Hero Team