In honor of International Womens Day, from now until March 08, we will post stories, pictures and links celebrating women. 

Baby Hero salutes the heroic women who paved the way for us, and those who continue to be agents of change. The new millennium has witnessed a significant change in women's equality and emancipation, but a lot remains to be done to support global women’s health and education, political and wage equality, and speaking out against sex trafficking and violence. 

To read more about International Women’s Day and celebrate all the positive outcomes which have stemmed from the activism of the last 100 years, do check out

This picture is courtesy of Tash Mc Caroll Photography, an inspiring photographer who works with NGOs and social entrepreneurs in SE Asia, India, Mongolia and Africa. She is passionate about advocating for change and helping to give those who sometimes have no voice a face and to be acknowledged as being important. 

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