March 15, 2014


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Founded by mothers, Baby Hero is a children's clothing brand dedicated to being and raising global citizens.

With every purchase of our fair-trade, organic products you fund life-saving medical items for newborns in need and provide dignified work to communities in need, making an extraordinary difference in the lives of others. 

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Hero Parent Series - Sarah Lucero : Emmy Award Winning News Anchor and Mother of Four

At Baby Hero we believe parenthood is one of the great threads running through society, allowing us to connect across nationalities, languages, and ethnicities. In our Hero Parent series, we interview mothers and fathers around the world about their experiences becoming and growing as parents.


Meet Hero Parent Sarah Lucero. Sarah is an Emmy award winning News Anchor with KENS-TV, a CBS affiliate in San Antonio, Texas. She is a mother to 4 children - 3 boys and 1 girl: Stretch (3 months), Seve (2 years), Stetson (12 years) and Satchel (14 years). A marathoner and a fitness buff, Sarah completed her sixth marathon in April 2009 and competed in her first Ironman in 2010. Read on to discover her advice to expecting mothers, her thoughts on Doulas and natural delivery, what she carries in her diaper bag, and how she styles the Baby Hero Onesie!

You have four children. What advice would you give a mother-to-be on having the best pregnancy?

STAY ACTIVE! Don’t start any new exercise programs but do some brisk walking if you can. And if you are accustomed to working out, check with your doctor, but most women can continue their workouts in moderation and with some modifications. One activity to consider is swimming. Either water aerobics or a master’s swim class, if you are used to that, are great workouts expectant moms can do right up until they deliver. Staying active helped me feel focused and calm through my pregnancy and also helped with my postpartum recovery.

If you could do anything over again in your birth, what would it be?

I would have researched more what doulas do to help ease childbirth pains. I found it fascinating that they can put you in different positions and put pressure on different parts of your body to make the pains more bearable. I delivered all of my babies naturally, without epidurals, but it took the 4th child to really know how to handle my body to get through the childbirth quicker. I could write a whole blog on this!

What is in your diaper bag?

It depends on if it is winter or summer, but right now, in early spring I am carrying two blankets, a burp cloth, a few diapers in 2 sizes for my toddler and newborn,butt cream, lots of wipes, 2 pacifiers, a change of clothes for both babies, snacks and a few toys for my toddler (phew!).

What are your go-to snacks for your bubs?

Organic fruits are really the best snacks to carry around. I always have organic berries, raisins and bananas, and handy pouches of organic applesauce. 


How do you balance your very busy working schedule and 4 children?

I just returned to work, so I am still fine tuning how I balance my work schedule with my family life. Adding a fourth sure does change the dynamic of our lives and it's been that way with the arrival of each of our children. It’s early days and the needs and interests of each of our children are different so the key is to stay flexible. 

What is your favorite family ritual?

We love going on family bike rides. We will pack up the babies in a bike trailer, or put one in the trailer and one in a jogger and we all take turns, running, riding, pushing and pulling the babies. It’s every bit as fun as it sounds!

With what do you pair your Baby Hero Onesie?

I like the natural color of the onesie so I don’t like to compete with it. I just love cozy socks in an earth tone and the rest is all my baby shining through. I love how Stretch carries off his cowboy boots with his Baby Hero onesie!

Alicia Wieser
Alicia Wieser


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