Dear Moms and Dads,

Baby Hero wants YOU to be in our April 'My Baby Inspires' Photo & Caption contest!

Simply send us a photo of you WITH your baby and complete the caption "My baby inspires...." in 140 characters or less.

We will publish this on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram pages. The photo and caption that gets the most number of likes, shares or comments, will WIN a beautiful, super soft, organic Baby Hero onesie or toddler tee.

Questions? We bet you have many; hopefully these will help answer some:

1. What does the caption need to say?

Your caption can be funny, profound or emotional - anything goes!

2. Why 140 words?

We need to keep it short enough to fit in a tweet. A-ha!

3. My baby isn't a baby anymore. Can we still participate?

Yes you can! A lot of parenting wisdom comes only in retrospect. So it doesn’t matter if your baby is now a toddler or a full-of-beans 4-year-old. Just make sure the photo you send in is one with you and your child when he/she was still a baby (12 months or younger).

4. Wait, I need to be in the picture too?

Yes, either parent needs to be in the picture with your baby. It makes the caption more powerful and it's easier to attribute the quote to an adult in the picture rather than to your baby!

5. When do I need to send this in?

We plan to publish 1 picture + caption every weekday in April, so we would greatly appreciate if you could send it in to before 28 March, 2014. 


The Baby Hero Team