Our second Baby Hero Playdate, 'Eat, Play, Love' was a great success with mothers and babies relaxing whilst listening to uber-talented photographer Keiko Takahashi's talk about how to better photograph children.

Donations to The Baby Hero Foundation from our generous attendees allowed us to fund Neonatal Survival Kits for ELEVEN mothers and newborns. For more about these efficient, low-cost, life-saving kits, please see here.

Keiko from MilkMonster Laughs Photography shared some fantastic photography tips! Here are her top 8:

*Find the Best Lighting

Good lighting is key to a great shot. Look around and see where there is the best lighting and encourage your child to play in that area. If you are shooting inside, set up a play area near a window. Have your back facing the window and your child facing the light.  

*Get Your Kids Outside

Follow them around with a camera and let them play outside.

*Follow Your Kids' Lead

If you manipulate your kids, you probably will not get what you want. Instead, just follow your children around and focus on having fun. 

*Be Ready Before Your Child

Have your camera on and ready to go. Whether it be your smartphone, point and shoot, or more advanced camera, have it ready, so all you have to do is push the snap button.

*Play a Game

Make taking a photo a game! Stand a couple meters away from your child with the camera and ask him to walk towards you, or play peek-a-boo with the camera. Keep in mind that this may last only for about 10-15 minutes.

*The best camera?

Irrespective of what you own, the key is to be comfortable with your camera and to know how to use it well.

*Mornings work best

For newborn to 3 years of age first thing in the morning works very well. Children are the happiest first thing after breakfast or right after the morning nap.

*Coordinate colors & Clothing

A little effort to coordinate colours can make a huge difference in the cohesiveness of your shot. Take into consideration the location of your session - neutrals at the beach, or colour for the city. Go with solid colors and avoid red, patterns, stripes or a large logo, these distract from the photo.


To see Keiko’s impressive and heartwarming portfolio head over to http://www.portraitsbykeiko.com/