At Baby Hero, Mother's Day holds a special significance. It's the journey of motherhood that spurred us to start a company that will impact the 290,000 women who do not survive childbirth each year and their babies who never get to experience a mother's love. 

Becoming mothers has made us acutely aware of sacrifices our mothers have made, and continue to make for us. Today, in honour of Mother's Day, the Baby Hero team shares 3 personal stories about our mothers. 

We wish every hard working, laughing, loving mother out there a Happy Mother's Day. We hope you have a wonderful day being pampered and appreciated for all that you do. 



Samar Shahreyar

My older daughter co-slept, but not with me, with my mother for the first 6 weeks of her life. My mother has given me so much, but perhaps one of the most important things she gave me was an easy transition to motherhood myself. After two days of labor, an emergency c-section and a hospital stay fraught with worry for my daughter who was not gaining weight, I was physically and emotionally exhausted. My mother acted as a night nurse, keeping the baby next to her, bringing her to me every two hours for feeds. She took over all management of the house – making sure there were healthy meals prepared, there was always tea and cake for guests popping in to see the baby. She did every diaper change during the day while my husband was at work. She skipped a reunion with long-lost friends and worked around the clock while I recovered and nursed and bonded with my baby. I had the easiest transition to motherhood – all made possible by my exhausted mother. I remember looking at my sweet little daughter in the commotion of those weeks, telling her I loved her so much. Whispering to her that when the time came, I would do the same for her – be by her side, go sleepless for months and do everything she needed if and when she had her own children. I promised her I would try my best to be the kind of mother to her that my mother was to me: devoted, kind, compassionate and untiring in her sacrifices. Thank you Amma for giving me a life filled with love, for never ever letting me down. Happy Mother’s Day.




Alicia Weiser 

My mother instilled from my earliest memories that I could achieve anything I "put my mind to". If I worked hard, relentlessly hard, anything was possible. She sprinkled my childhood with fables to this end, and encouraged me to never give up. It is to her credit that I believed I could be an A student in the hardest classes in high school and that I could even apply to Princeton University - a decision that has shaped every minute of my life since. It was at Princeton that I met my future husband, engaged in discussions that began to remould many views I had on this world, and was introduced to the world of finance. She also instilled in me an inherent need to help my community and reach out to those who are in need. She has made this value part of everything she does and, growing up, encouraged me to spend my summers volunteering and working with those in need in our community, in San Antonio. 

Today, I credit my mother for helping me believe I could start a company that prioritised social good while making a premium quality, beautiful product. Thank you, Mom. Happy Mother's Day!



Aquin Mathew

One night when I was 9 or 10 years old, my parents were hosting a couple of their friends over for dinner. For me though, it was a school night and I had an important school project due the next day. I was expected to bring in a fully sewn, doll-sized dress by the next morning. I had barely started and did not see how I could possibly finish it in time, and so I asked if she would help. Even though the guests were still there, she pulled out her sewing machine and made a gorgeous and detailed little doll’s dress before going back to hosting the party.

Chances are my mom doesn’t remember that evening, or think much of the hundreds of other times she has touched me with her little acts of love. Even amidst all the bigger sacrifices she has made, it's the smallest of her actions - the regular words of encouragement and her little gestures that show me the constancy of a mother's love. None of it has gone unnoticed, Mama. Happy Mother’s Day.