Meet our newest team member - Joyce Lau who joins Baby Hero as our Creative Director and conjurer of all things magical! A chance meeting at a trade fair led her to buy her first Baby Hero onesie, and from that moment on she has become a champion for maternal and infant health, and a fan of our products. Joyce will be leading up Baby Hero's visual branding and product design.

My two younger brothers and I grew up Hong Kong. When I was 15, I left for boarding school in Toronto. Most of the other teenagers I was with hated boarding school, but I was really excited about the experience even though I often felt constrained with my lack of English proficiency.

I have always loved art, colors and drawings. When I was in highschool, I had the opportunity to join the school art trip and travelled to Florence, Italy. It was an eye-opening journey for me. Traveling with my friends felt like the coolest thing. I went to all the galleries and museums there and saw all the original masterpieces in person. I experienced arts and culture everywhere I went and that really opened up the world of design to me. That trip solidified the idea that this is what I wanted to do.

My career began after graduating from Pratt Institute with a Master degree in Communications Design, New York. In 13 years I have worked with some amazing brands - Johnson & Johnson, Kérastase, Shu Uemura Art of Hair, Wells Fargo, and Wallgreens…all of which have refined my design approach.

Family is the reason we decided to move back to Hong Kong. My husband Brian and I had the opportunity to move to Singapore in 2011 from New York. We both thought that it was the right time to move back to Asia and start a family. We have two children, Oliver (3 years) and Tabitha (6 months). We want our kids to know where they come from and learn more about their roots and heritage. 

As a mother my role is to step aside and give my children the space to explore the world independently. I can’t bring myself to scream or yell, and have treated them as equals even when they were super young. I admit it takes a great deal of time and patience but I believe this is the best approach.

I met Samar and Allie at a local fair in 2014 when I was very pregnant with my second child. I was shopping for baby clothes and bought a Baby Hero onesie and was immediately impressed with the quality of the products and moved by the cause. I knew I wanted to be involved with the brand is some way. Here's a funny anecdote: I recall sending the ladies an email a few hours after I delivered Tabitha to say that I was keen on starting a conversation! As they say, the rest is history!