July 20, 2015


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Founded by mothers, Baby Hero is a children's clothing brand dedicated to being and raising global citizens.

With every purchase of our fair-trade, organic products you fund life-saving medical items for newborns in need and provide dignified work to communities in need, making an extraordinary difference in the lives of others. 

Super-soft, delightfully-designed organic clothes and gifts that are changing the world.

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A Life-Saving Sticker

The Thermospot sticker - one of the six components in the Neonatal Survival Kit we fund helps the mother monitor her child’s core temperature. This little plastic sticker when placed on the baby’s armpit, chest or neck changes color to indicate if the baby is too hot (and has an infection) or cold (hypothermic), giving instant information on when urgent medical care is needed. This is crucial information in developing, rural areas where most people have never seen a thermometer or know how to read one. This tiny little sticker can make a huge difference in the detection of, and response time to infection, potentially saving a baby's life.


Samar Shaheryar
Samar Shaheryar


Samar Shaheryar is the co-founder of Baby Hero and has worked on global issues affecting women and children for 15 years. She is a mother to three spunky, multi-cultural kids and currently lives in Hong Kong.

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