December 06, 2016


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50 Ideas For Kids to Spread Goodness This Holiday Season

We all agree that the world needs all the love it can get, and who better to make people feel good than our sweet, silly, kind and wonderful kids. We compiled a list of 50 easy-to-do activities that not only spread good cheer and happiness, but can serve as a leaping point for conversations about inclusion, taking care of others and concern for the planet.             


  1. Wave hello and smile at 3 strangers today
  2. Collect spare change at home and give to a favorite charity
  3. Pick up litter and put it in the trash
  4. Give a compliment to someone today
  5. Read a storybook or tell a story to someone special
  6. Sing a song to someone
  7. Make a “get well soon” card for someone who’s sick
  8. Share your candy with a friend
  9. Collect old winter clothes for the homeless
  10. Dance with someone 
  11. Give hugs to 3 people today
  12. Learn a Christmas Carol and sing for your neighbors
  13. Donate your old books
  14. Share a joke at school!
  15. Give Kisses to the whole family!
  16. Ask a friend 3 questions about themselves
  17. Let a friend borrow your favorite toy for a day and night
  18. Record a video message for your grandparents
  19. Create a show and hold a free performance!
  20. Create a hot chocolate stand for your neighborhood and give your take to charity
  21. Draw a picture and give it to your teacher!
  22. Learn about how different cultures celebrate holidays
  23. Pick canned food from your pantry and donate to a food bank 
  24. Call a favorite person and say "I love you" today
  25. Invite someone you have never invited before for a playdate
  26. Help wrap a gift
  27. Bake cookies and share with your classmates
  28. Help decorate the house
  29. Give an old toy away when receiving a new gift
  30. If a classmate is feeling frustrated about something, tell them you believe in them
  31. Visit an animal shelter and play with the dogs
  32. Make a drawing and put it on your Mom or Dad's pillow
  33. Stand on a street corner and give out candy canes to strangers
  34. Write a song about a friend
  35. Help make dinner for the family
  36. Plant some seeds
  37. Hold the door open for someone
  38. Make holiday cards and give them out at a nursing home 
  39. Let someone go ahead of you in line 
  40. Make 10 drawings or notes and hide them in different places around town for people to find 
  41. Instead of a playdate, organize your friends to spend a day cleaning up the park or a beach
  42. Separate the cans and bottles and paper for recycling
  43. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth
  44. Sit next to someone different at lunchtime or snacktime
  45. Collect old DVDs and donate them to a children's hospital
  46. Send a postcard of where you live to someone overseas
  47. Set up a bird feeder at home
  48. Tell your best friend your favorite thing about them
  49. Help someone carry something
  50. Turn off the lights whenever you leave a room and make sure your parents do too

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