Why do we focus on teaching our children empathy and caring? Because we know that the connections we create with others are the key to success in every part of our life, from the professional to the personal. We've compiled a list of 52 actions you can encourage your little one to do any day that encourage connection with others. Practices that will teach them valuable lessons in caring, empathy, and also build good habits.

  1. Learn how to say thank you in a new language
  2. Wave hello and smile at 3 strangers today
  3. Collect spare change at home and give to a favorite charity
  4. Pick up litter and put it in the trash
  5. Give a compliment to someone today
  6. Read a storybook or tell a story to someone special
  7. Sing a song to someone
  8. Make a “get well soon” card for someone who’s sick
  9. Share your snacks with a friend
  10. Collect old clothes for the homeless
  11. Dance with someone
  12. Give hugs to 3 people today
  13. Donate your old books
  14. Make someone laugh!
  15. Give kisses to the whole family
  16. Ask a friend 3 questions about themselves
  17. Let a friend borrow your favorite toy for a day
  18. Record a video message for your grandparents
  19. Tell your parents the feelings you had today
  20. Create a show and hold a free performance!
  21. Draw a picture and give it to your teacher!
  22. Learn about how different cultures celebrate the next holiday
  23. Pick canned food from your pantry and donate to a food bank 
  24. Say "I love you" to someone special <3
  25. Invite someone you have never invited before for a playdate
  26. Bake cookies and share with your classmates
  27. Make a drawing and put it on your Mom or Dad's pillow
  28. If a classmate is feeling frustrated about something, tell them you believe in them
  29. Write a song about a friend
  30. Help make dinner for the family
  31. Plant some seeds
  32. Make 10 drawings or write 10 notes and hide them in different places around the house
  33. Let someone go ahead of you in line 
  34. Ask a friend about their day
  35. Teach someone something you learned today
  36. Hold the door open for someone
  37. Separate the cans and bottles and paper for recycling
  38. Instead of a playdate, organize your friends to spend time volunteering!
  39. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth
  40. Turn off the lights whenever you leave a room (and make sure your parents do too!)
  41. Collect old DVDs and donate them to a children's hospital
  42. Send a postcard of where you live to someone overseas
  43. Set up a bird feeder at home
  44. Tell your best friend your favorite thing about them
  45. Help someone carry something
  46. Sit next to someone different at lunchtime or snacktime
  47. Look on the bright side if you’re feeling down!
  48. Share a video you enjoy with a friend
  49. Write a letter to yourself in the future giving them advice
  50. Help your parents buy food at the grocery store
  51. Give your best friend your favourite book to keep
  52. Let your sibling or friend choose what game to play next

Sending a Baby Hero gift is a great way to spark a discussion about kindness and the importance of helping others. We include information about how your gift is helping others - from babies in need to communities in poverty. If we make giving a part of our every day life by choosing ethical companies, the example we set will have the greatest impact of all on our children's decisions. 

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