Baby Hero officially launched on Friday October 25th in Hong Kong with a mega play date at the Hong Kong Football Club. Attendees nibbled on treats and mingled while our youngest guests were treated to a roomful of toys and ride-ons to keep them busy. We even had a fun photo booth so those who came remember the day.

Both of us spoke and shared our products, current work and vision for Baby Hero. In the next 3 years we hope to expand our donation of maternal and infant kits as well as other efficient medical tools to more areas in need to help mothers and their babies survive and thrive. We hope our brand grows to provide people all over the world with a way to incorporate giving into their daily lives.

It was a wonderful day and a great start for this business we are so proud to have built. Big thanks to Aquin Dennison, Shane Miller, Winnie Fung and Anna Bowkis for their help on the day! A few of the photos below. See the rest on our Facebook album here!