December 08, 2016


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A Sticker Saved Their Babies Lives

We received the following two stories of the Newborn Survival Kit at work from the Field Manager of Kit study in Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan. While participants are still in the study, we have no details about their identity, hence the names and photos are fictional.

Firoza and Saleem

I used the clean delivery kit when I went into labour. After my son, Saleem, was born, I applied chlorexhidine lotion on his umbilical cord on the first day of his life. His cord was removed on the 5th day after birth, I stopped applying the chlorexhidine on the 10th day and the cord is absolutely normal now. I started using oil massage from Saleem's 3rd day of life, and I am still using it. I love this oil because my baby's skin is becoming healthier with its use.

I used Thermospot on the first day of Saleem's life. Thermospot's color remained normal for the first 3 days and then its color changed to pale green [indicating cold stress]. I was told that if the color changes to pale green, then I should place my baby against my chest, skin-to-skin. I followed the instructions and placed Saleem against my chest for some time. I repeated it again and again and after 3 hours, Thermospot's color changed back to normal green. I am so glad that because of Thermospot, Saleem was saved from any serious illness.

Raheel and Atiya

At the time of delivery, my birth attendant used the clean delivery kit which was given to me by a Lady Health Worker in the 3rd trimester of my pregnency. I applied cholorohixidine on Atiya's umbilical cord from her 1st day of life until the 10th day. The cord was removed on the 6th day and there was no infection on it the way I had experienced an infection on my previous baby after using traditional things.

I massaged my baby with the emolliant oil from the 3rd day until she was almost one month old. Atiya remains healthy and has soft, smooth skin. I used the Thermospot, sticking it on the neck of my baby from her 1st day. On the 2nd sticker I used, I observed the Thermospot turned from green to blue. This helped me identify that the baby is not well and had a fever. We took her to the hospital and the doctor told us that Atiya had a 102° fever. He first treated the baby with cold water strips then give proper medicine.

It is because of Thermospot color, we identified Atiya's condition quickly and took her to the hospital. The Kit is very good for baby's health and survival.

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Samar Shaheryar
Samar Shaheryar


Samar Shaheryar is the co-founder of Baby Hero and has worked on global issues affecting women and children for 15 years. She is a mother to three spunky, multi-cultural kids and currently lives in Hong Kong.

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