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This holiday season, we encourage you less and buy mindfully.

Why would a consumer product company want you to buy less? It's because we recognise our current buying and consumption habits are actively harming the future world our children will inherit, and no amount of profits are worth that.

Products have become cheaper and cheaper and cause more and more harm to the people who make them and to our planet. We know now that the true cost of making many items is higher than the low price we actually pay. That $5 t-shirt should really cost $15 based on the worth of the labor that went into it and the damage it has caused to the environment. The reason we started Baby Hero was to build a baby clothing company that does things differently. Babies need clothes and parents need to buy them, but we wanted to give parents the ability to choose clothes that are good for their children and the future world they will inhabit.    

We try and do the same with all of our other buying choices. Here are the 4 principles we remember that make buying, for others and ourselves, easier and more meaningful.

It's not bad to consume. The act of buying and consuming is not a negative. It serves basic needs, is the source of beauty and expression in the form of art, spreads love as an act of giving and also sustains jobs and creates opportunities. In our case, it also allows us to connect our consumers with the cause of infant health - being a bridge between parents around the world. Consuming mindfully is a positive if we consider the items we buy as a way to vote for the world we want.  

Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels

Buy items that last longer. Our favourite stories come from customers who have been able to pass our clothes on to their niece or nephew or their neighbour. We know of one of our onesies that has been worn by 7 babies! When you buy organic fabrics, there are fewer chemicals to break down the fibre so they will continue to be wearable wash after wash. In general, buying better made products when we can afford them means buying less in the long run.     

Photo by Fancycrave from Pexels items that give work ethically. Know that the person who made your item was fairly compensated and treated - usually through a fair-trade certification. The workers who make consumer products have very little voice - they are often at the bottom rung of society financially and cannot advocate for themselves. Fair-trade advocates for them, giving them collective power and ensuring they get paid, that no child labour is used, that working conditions are positive and that the community benefits. Giving work ethically is one of the most beneficial things we can do - it empowers people, allowing them to make better decisions for themselves and their family.                                                                                 

Buy items made from biodegradable materials. Cotton, linen, bamboo, wood, paper make up the bulk of items you can give that will not add waste to the earth. 

Choosing items thoughtfully for our loved ones is a source of much happiness but we can also make it an act of activism and advocacy for the world we want and the people we want to support when we consume. 

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