June 08, 2017


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Founded by mothers, Baby Hero is a children's clothing brand dedicated to being and raising global citizens.

With every purchase of our fair-trade, organic products you fund life-saving medical items for newborns in need and provide dignified work to communities in need, making an extraordinary difference in the lives of others. 

Super-soft, delightfully-designed organic clothes and gifts that are changing the world.

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Father's Day Gift Guide for Men Who Give a Damn About the World

As our work has shown us over the past few years, fathers are just as enthusiastic about our cause and our impact as mothers are, and our children and world are all the better for their passion.

As we celebrate all the amazing ways fathers make our lives more fulfilling this month, we've rounded up some fantastic gifts for these thoughtful Dads. Every one of these products has some sort of positive impact on the world, making them a perfect choice for fathers who care deeply about the world they are leaving to their children. 16 seriously cool gift ideas below. We love supporting companies that give back!

Fair Drinks - Fair.Gin

Impact: Fair Drinks believes in treating all people equally and thus uses high-quality fair-trade ingredients in all their products, supporting small-scale farmers.

We love: Many of their ingredients are organic as well. 




WeWood - Kappa Watch

Impact: WeWood plants trees every time you buy a product and has planted almost 500,000 trees so far! 

We love: This Italian company makes watches out of exotic hardwood remnants, all toxin-free.




Oliberte - Anago Shoe

Impact: Oliberte runs the world's first Fair-Trade Certified shoe manufacturing factory, supporting worker's rights in Ethiopia where all their shoes are made. 

We love: Their products come with a life-time guarantee


United By Blue - Kleen Kanteen Hike All Day Travel Mug 

Impact: Every time you buy something from United by Blue, the company will clean up a pound of trash from the ocean. Plus Kleen Kanteen donates 1% of their profits to environmentally focused non-profits.

We love: All parents will appreciate a leak-proof container that keeps drinks hot or cold!




Parker & Clay - Passport Wallet

Impact: Parker & Clay products are all made by artisans in Ethiopia in their own production facility. Every sale helps rehabilitate former prostitutes in Addis Ababa through their partnership with Allita - Women at Risk.  

We love: The leather has been tanned using traditional practices.

Bureo - Minnow Cruiser Skateboard

Impact: The skateboard deck is made from recycled marine debris, preventing harmful plastic fishing nets from entering the ocean. It also supports local Chilean fishing communities.

We love: That this will double as a gift for your kids.

Bambeco - Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

Impact: A tree is planted for every purchase. The company only makes products in a sustainable way, saving water. They also only use fairly paid, artisan labour. All-around amazing.

We love: The speaker cloth, carrying case and cable are made out of eco-friendly hemp!



Conscious Step - Hunger, Water, Books Collection

Impact: Organic, fair-trade socks that donate a portion of every sale to highly impactful charities. This collection fights childhood malnutrition by donating to Action Against Hunger, supports solutions to the water crisis by donating to Water.org and helps children learn to read by donating to Room to Read.  

We love: The embroidery on each pair signifies the cause you supported. 



One Earth Designs - SolSource Sport 

Impact: Pollution-free cooking via a 100% solar-powered BBQ. 

We love: It is portable enough to take anywhere - camping, to the beach or park.

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Combat Flip Flops - The AK-47

Impact: Doesn't sound like these are good for the world, but they are! Every one sold funds a day of school for an Afghan girl. 

We love: The upcycled bullet-casings on the top remind us of the company's mission to bring change to places ravaged by war.




Krochet Kids Int'l - The World's Greatest Beanie

Impact: The women who make Krochet Kids products take part in a 3-year empowerment program that breaks the cycle of poverty.

We love: This ultra-soft cap is made from eco-friendly alpaca. 

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LSTN - Zebra Wood Bowery Earbuds

Impact: Every purchase funds a hearing aid for people in need - over 22,000 helped so far. 

We love: No tangle nylon cables!






Ten Thousand Villages - Mountainside Chess Set

Impact: Pakistan is known for its onyx stone work and the maker of this chess set, Dominion Traders, works with local artisans to offer financial access and ethical working conditions. 

We love: The colors make it a handsome addition to a study/living room/man-cave! 

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Africa Coffee + Tea - Single Serve Sachet Set

Impact: They work with women coffee growers in multiple African countries and focus on their financial empowerment, leadership skills development and agricultural improvement. 

We love: The innovative single serve filter that fits over a standard coffee cup. Plus the coffee is DELISH. 




One Grid Candle - Fresh Brew Fragrance

Impact: Every purchase provides a solar light to a family in Tanzania, reducing costs and harmful chemical exposure that comes from kerosene lamps. 

We love: The unusual and earthy scents of their candles. 



Lush - Charity Pot


Impact: Lush's handmade products are sourced ethically, their packaging is made from recycled sources, and completely cruelty-free. Sales from body cream Charity Pot go 100% to their partner non-profits and have raised money for causes from conservation to animal rights and women's empowerment.

We love: Dads will like the subtle scent, making it a great everyday post-shower cream.

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Samar Shaheryar
Samar Shaheryar


Samar Shaheryar is the co-founder of Baby Hero and has worked on global issues affecting women and children for 15 years. She is a mother to three spunky, multi-cultural kids and currently lives in Hong Kong.

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