At some point we hit a time in our lives when everyone around us is having babies, and for most of us, we'll be giving baby gifts well before we have a baby ourselves, which can be a nerve-wracking experience. What if you choose the wrong size or fabric or design?! Ack! Baby Hero makes it easy - just shoot us an email at and we will help you through all these questions, giving you suggestions for what to get. Here are our top 5 basic tips for buying a baby gift.

1. When in doubt, choose a bigger size!
  • Baby clothes are expressed in months - 0-3 Months, 3-6 Months, 6-12 Months, 12-18 Months. After 18 Months they tend to be in years - 2 years old, 3 etc.
  • New parents get gifted and also buy a lot of 0-3 Month clothes, for good reason, babies get changed the most at this age due to spit up and, uh, other leakages. 0-3 Month clothes are also the ones babies grow out of the fastest - some particularly tall or chubby babies move up to 3-6 months within a few weeks after birth. 

Baby Hero Tip: When giving the gift before a baby is born (like for a baby shower), buy 0-3 Months or 3-6 Months (choose the latter if either parent is particularly tall). If buying after a baby is born, we suggest going with 6-12 Months - baby will have slowed their growth by then and your gift will be used longer.

2. What season is it? 
  • This trips up even the most seasoned (no pun intended) baby gifter!
  • Match the size you are buying for the baby to the season they will wear it and then choose sleeve-length and fabric. E.g. if baby was born in December and you are gifting 6-12 months, they will get the most use out of it in summer months.
  • Think about parent's lifestyle - living in a hot country doesn't always mean buying short-sleeves if they spend most of the time in air-conditioning or cars. If they live in a city with a lot of walking (eg New York or HK) then short-sleeves in hot weather are important. 
  • Newborns have more trouble regulating their temperature which is why they often have to wear more clothes even in warm climates.
  • In cooler climates like the UK, we have found people almost exclusively want baby clothes with legs (like our Footie).

Baby Hero Tip: If you are buying for a baby to wear in the future, make sure you know the weather at the time the clothes will fit. Choose long-sleeves, especially for new babies unless you know the baby will be out and about often in a hot climate.

3. Fabric quality matters
  • Baby clothes get washed daily sometimes, even if they are only worn for a few months, make sure they hold up to that wear and tear.
  • Babies skin is much more porous than that of adults, meaning it is likely to absorb more chemicals in clothes. Buy 100% organic cotton for parent's peace of mind and baby's health.
  • Babies sensitive skin means you should avoid buying synthetic fabrics which could irritate them.

Baby Hero Tip: For health, safety and comfort, 100% organic cotton is best for baby clothing

4. Give a gift that reminds them of you!
  • One of my favorite gifts to receive for my first daughter was a baby kimono from one of our friends from Tokyo - a reminder of where our friendship developed.
  • The beginning sleepless days and nights of parenthood can be a blur but if you pick something meaningful, the thought will never be forgotten and you can tell the story like the Cool Auntie or Cool Uncle you are!

Baby Hero Tip: A great way to choose a gift is to find one that reflects a story you share with the parents. A favorite food, a favorite city, a favorite hobby.

5. Choose a gift that reflects yours and the parents values
  • New parenthood is often when people start to think about global issues and the world they are going to leave behind to their children. 
  • Choosing a gift that is inspiring and also gives back will be tremendously appreciated as they navigate raising a child in a complicated, sometimes scary world.

Baby Hero Tip: Look for brands that are fair-trade, eco-friendly or donate to a meaningful charity that reflects your and the parents values and hopes for the world. (Hint: Baby Hero is all three!)

If you are looking for the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of a new family member or friend or co-workers baby, check out what some of our recent customers have to say about our gifting:

Great quality, great cause!  10/09/16
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
The onesies I bought are adorable and are made of a much better quality fabric than most baby clothes. Delivery was easy and customer service was outstanding!
~Deborah G.
Cannot go wrong with these onesies  04/04/16
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
I bought my first Baby Hero onesies for a friend's shower, because I loved the 360-degree ethical sourcing, staffing, and giving model they use. I fell in love, as did the friend I bought them for. I've ended up buying a few for my own baby, and inevitably the are the outfits I reach for. I wash and rewash (and dry) them, and they stay beautiful and soft. They are thicker and more durable than other onesies I have. And so cute! This Panda onesie was no different. I bought it as a gift, and as usual it was a hit. This company's items have become my go-to shower gift. The difficulty is choosing which onesies to choose!
~Courtney H
Love it!  09/22/16
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
I have bought Baby Hero gifts for both my niece and nephew in the past two years. This is such a cute idea, the clothes are good quality, and my sister-in-law loves the fact that she can get and give something at the same time. Always quick shipping and conscientious customer service.
~Lisa B.
If this guide helped you feel confident about buying a gift, start here! Or send us an email at and we will help you find the perfect item!

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