April 20, 2017


Founded by mothers, Baby Hero is a children's clothing brand dedicated to being and raising global citizens.

With every purchase of our fair-trade, organic products you fund life-saving medical items for newborns in need and provide dignified work to communities in need, making an extraordinary difference in the lives of others. 

Super-soft, delightfully-designed organic clothes and gifts that are changing the world.

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Little Ones Answer Big Questions - Video!

Conversations with kids are the highlight of being a parent, grandparent, Aunt(ie) or Uncle. We had a great time chatting with some 3-5 year olds about how we could make the world a better place and how to take care of our planet. What do you think they said?

Looking for the perfect gift for a newborn? Checkout our #GlobalKidizen Gift Set below. FREE shipping and FREE eco-friendly gift wrap! Fund life-saving medical products for babies with every purchase.


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