Holi, also known as the "festival of colors" or the "festival of love", is a celebration to commemorate the start of spring, the triumph of good over evil in Hindu mythology and the story of the love between Radha and Krishna, a Hindu Goddess and God. Mainly located in India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, the festival consists of throwing colored water and powder on friends and family, much singing and dancing. The colored dye is meant to symbolize Krishna (whose skin was blue), playfully smearing color on Radha to give her a different skin tone. It is obvious why this is a fantastic holiday for children, who get full permission on this day to get as messy as they want! Here are some adorable photos of children getting crazy and colorful.



Source: Twitter
A classic move in Holi warfare: the double cheek smudge from  behind!


Source: Boston.com 
One main principle held in the Holi tradition is that predispositions and judgments should be cast aside. Let's remember that a pink face suits everyone!



Source: 500px.com
Something about her expression looks deceiving to me. I see that pink powder you have there!


Source: k00ls-overblog.com
Covered in colorful paint - childhood euphoria.


Source: thehindu.net
It was a good day to wear a white shirt!

Source: Harif Kareshi
Holi is more than a festival of colors, it's an expression of art. For street artists like Harif Kareshi, it's an opportunity to showcase the colors of his community through photography.

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