After months of preparation, preliminary research and training, the field study to monitor the impact of the Neonatal Kits (that Baby Hero funds)...
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This story ran as a featured blog post on 12 March, 2014 in The Huffington Post's Social Entrepreneurship and Global Motherhood columns. In this po...
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As was widely reported over the summer, Bangladesh is on the right track to achieve its millennium development goals, especially those relating to maternal and child mortality. In 9 years, Bangladesh managed to reduce maternal mortality by 40%, and reduce the mortality of children under 5 by 60%. 

So, what did Bangladesh do to get where it is now, and can its South Asian neighbors learn anything from its journey? 

This post was co-written by our fabulous intern Sara Chatterjee - catch her on Twitter @sarachatterjee As was widely reported over the summer, Bang...
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