Today we start a new blog series, The Global Parent: Notes on Being and Raising Global Citizens. Baby Hero is run by women who have roots in multiple countries. We share the belief that all cultures and people have equal value and while we have more that unites us than divides us, our differences are beautiful and should be celebrated. We believe taking care of this planet we all share is of supreme importance as is fighting for equal opportunity for all its inhabitants. Being a good parent means passing on these values of tolerance, respect, social justice and wonder. We hope to write about topics that will resonate with our own personal journeys to be better citizens of the world and to raise better citizens of the world.   

Most posts will come from our co-founder, Samar, with occasional guest posts. If you would like to contribute or have a topic suggestion, please send us an email to

Check out our first post on Samar's 2017 resolution here

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