Our secret dream? 2 solid years traveling the world while world-schooling the kids. Hoping to do it when our kids are between ages 8 and 12, giving us another 6 years to get our act together. In the meantime, we travel-lust and gather inspiration from some of the families that are already wandering the world together, raising truly global citizens. Here are some of our favourites. In another post we'll dig a little deeper into how these families made the adventures happen. In the meantime, let these gorgeous photos give you a taste of what an unconventional family life could be like...or just gather some travel ideas for upcoming summer holidays!

1. @this.little.wandering

The daily life of a family living in a 200 square feet bus in Colorado and their wanderings around the US. It is such a different way of living and we love their outdoor, pick-up-and-go lifestyle.



2. @masha_theone

This very photogenic family of 4 makes long-distance travel a regular part of their life. Masha's account shares artfully shot moments from their life together - from beautiful scenery in Thailand to cuddles at home with the kids.


3. @mumpacktravel

    After the death of a friend, Evie was inspired to create a life with more adventure for herself and her 6 year old daughter, Emmie. She quit her job and they started traveling. They have been to 13 countries so far and are still going!

    4. @travelmadmum

      Karen is originally from Ireland and has visited over 60 countries. She thought her traveling days were over once she had her daughter Esme, but it has only gotten better and Esme has visited over 20 countries with her parents so far! 

      5. @helloterumi

        Terumi Pong is a Seattle-based mom to twin boys and always on the go! Follow their travels around the US and to places as far-flung as Costa Rica, Japan, Australia.  

        6. @thetravelingchild

          We love Monet Hambrick's motto "if kids live there, kids can visit". Her younger daughter took her first flight at just 11 days! She also gives great tips on traveling with kids, from gear to airline reviews. 


          7. @expatmom_uae

            An expat mom in the United Arab Emirates and the founder of parenting blog Momstalk, Esraa Bani-Rothman shares stories about her experiences abroad and helpful tips like Europe travel on a budget with kids. 


            8. @kidslovetravel

              Along with amazing photos of their travels, this charming family of 4 from Amsterdam provides some great tips and advice on their website about long-distance travel with kids, destination guides and travel gadget guides.

              9. @jakeanddannie

                What happens when two photographers travel around the world with their daughter? Beautiful vivid photos, sceneries and miles of traveling inspiration!  

                10. @worldoftravelswithkids

                This family has previously split its time between Peru, Nicaragua and Australia and we love that Mamma Ariana has founded a fair-trade and ethical brand, Threads of Peru. They also consult to families looking to plan some serious adventures with their kids.

                11. @coddiwomplefamily

                "Coddiwomple" is a slang term that means "to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination" and that is what this family with 3 boys is doing. They sold their house and possessions and are now traveling full-time. Could you do it? Get inspired!

                12. @artfullyuncommon

                Julie Martin is a photographer with a penchant for travelling with her kids and the results will brighten your day. Gorgeous photography in stunning locations. 

                13. @thefamilyfreestylers

                The Nixon family of 4 loves exploring the great outdoors - all over the planet! Look at all that beautiful blue sky in their shots! Most recently they spent time skiing in Chamonix and have tips on everything from restaurants to trails if you're planning ahead to a winter ski holiday. 

                14. @dropoutdiaries

                Travel with kids with a big helping of street food! Barbara's blog will have your tummy rumbling as she explores from Morocco to Vietnam with her son and daughter. 

                15. @42pages

                Michelle is determined to fill the 42 pages in her baby daughter's passport. A worthy goal we say! Check out her photos of her baby on safari in Tanzania, in Australia and beyond.

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