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The Baby Hero Foundation

The Baby Hero Foundation's mission is to fund effective and efficient solutions to maternal and infant health, primarily in developing regions.  It is founded and supported by Baby Hero and is a registered charity in Hong Kong.

 Photo credit: Amal Elahi amale.tumblr

 Photo credit: Amal Elahi amale.tumblr

Currently, the Baby Hero Foundation is providing Neonatal Survival Kits to mothers and their newborns.
Any amount donated helps to give mothers and their newborns access to these critical medical products.  These medical products help the mother have a clean and safe birth and help prevent infection in her newborn, giving him or her a greater chance at life. 
As the Baby Hero Foundation has no administrative costs, 100% of your donation will reach those who need it most, mothers and infants in need.
Every $8 USD raised funds all 6 components of our Neonatal Survival Kit, helping 1 mother and her baby.
Every $80 USD raised funds 10 complete Neonatal Survival Kits, helping 10 mothers and their babies.
To donate to the Baby Hero Foundation via Paypal or Credit Card (Donation will be in USD):
To donate to the Baby Hero Foundation via Bank Transfer (HK Only):
Account Name: The Baby Hero Foundation
Bank: HSBC
Account #: 848-441366-838
Your donation is tax deductible in Hong Kong. 

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