We only use Fair-Trade certified cotton for our clothes because it is better for the farmers who cultivate our cotton. Fair-Trade certified cotton means the following rules and benefits apply:

1.    Fewer chemicals used in farming (in our case, none, because our cotton is also organic)
2.  Sustainable farming techniques that use less water and cause less soil erosion
 3.  A guaranteed price for the cotton crop that is always more than the farmer paid to grow it.
4.  Pre-financing or credit for the farmer when needed to buy supplies
5.   Help for small-scale farmers to trade globally
6.   No child labour
7.   The empowerment of women in the community by actively soliciting their employment and decision-making
8.   The Fairtrade premium that we pay for the cotton is invested in the community. The projects are voted on by the community and can include the creation of local schools, infrastructure and medical care.


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