Our Products are 360 Degrees Ethical

Our Philosophy: Baby Hero is a 360 Degree Ethical Company


As mothers ourselves, we know that parents want to provide their children with quality products that are affordable. Increasingly, environmental and labor practices of businesses are also a source of concern. We know we cannot have a company dedicated to making a difference in the world without also applying our ethical principles to the manufacturing process. As a result we have chosen to work with certified organic cotton as a source fabric as well as use an ethical supplier who carries Fair Trade and Social Accountability certifications for labor conditions. We want to feel good about our work and impact on the world, and we hope it makes you feel good about buying our products too! 

We are Green


Organic Cotton: The Best for Your Baby

"safer, softer, and more gentle"
Organic cotton does not use toxic chemicals in its growth or to break down fibers for the manufacturing process. This makes the fabric safer, softer and more gentle on your baby’s skin than regular cotton, while still remaining breathable and durable.  While organic cotton is the preferable choice to clothe any baby, it is also the recommended fabric to use for those babies with more sensitive skin, for example those with eczema, as it is naturally hypoallergenic.1  
Tests on Regular Cotton clothing have yielded traces of formaldehyde, toxic dyes, pesticides, and fire retardants.  These chemicals can be inhaled or absorbed by the skin, which can cause allergies, skin rashes and respiratory issues.  Our babies' skin is much thinner than adults and especially vulnerable to absorbing these chemicals.  Similarly, our babies' respiratory system is much more delicate than adults and more vulnerable to inhaling these chemicals.  Organic Cotton clothing does not contain any of these chemicals and is much safer for our babies' delicate skin and system.5  

Organic Cotton: The Best for Our World

Environmentally Friendly
Farmer Friendly

Regular Cotton is one of the most dirty raw materials we farm - dirty in terms of chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers used.  These chemicals are very harmful to farmers working with them.  Farmers working with regular cotton have serious reactions to these chemicals, which cause them to be ill with sicknesses including cancer.  In contrast, Organic Cotton does not use chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers and thus makes the work place safer and healthier for organic cotton farmers and their families.5


We are Ethical

 Fair Trade Certified


Meet Our Manufacturer: Assisi Garments

Our supplier, Assisi Garments is Fair Trade, Flo-Cert, and SAI8000 certified, meaning that Baby Hero products meet global environmental and labor standards for its entire supply chain from the cotton farmer to the fabric producer to the product maker - all involved provide a decent workplace and adhere to high labor standards.



Assisi Garments was founded in 1994 by Franciscan Sisters in Tirupur, India as a non-profit rehabilitation program.  The company employs underprivileged women as well as physically challenged people with disabilities such as the blind and deaf.  Assisi prioritizes the empowerment of local women and has employed more than 1,500 women so far under pro-women schemes. In addition they have used their profits to found an HIV clinic, cancer treatment facility as well as centers for orphans and a hospital for people with leprosy. We're proud to work with a supplier that is doing so much good for the world!

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