How we help save newborn lives?

Why is global newborn health an issue?

Every year 2.8 million babies die in their first month of life, 99% of them in the developing world. Whether your baby survives those early days of life is highly dependant on where you give birth. If you give birth in Pakistan, the chances that your baby doesn’t survive the newborn period is 10x greater than if you gave birth in the US. If you give birth in Kenya, the chance that your baby dies is 26x higher than if you gave birth in Hong Kong.

We know how to solve this problem, because we’ve obviously done it in wealthy countries. So why is it happening? The biggest reason is infections, mostly due to poor hygiene that can be solved by very low-cost solutions. Other reasons relate to pre-term birth and complications with delivery.

With the help of our customers, we are helping to improve infant health.

For every Baby Hero item that you buy, we fund life-saving medical items for newborns in need in the poorest parts of the world.

What do we fund?

We had strict criteria for any project we funded: It had to make a significant difference in infant health It’s impact was studied and proven effective It was scalable

We were fortunate to find the The Neonatal Survival Kit developed by Grand Challenges Canada winner, Dr. Shaun Morris of Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto that met all these conditions. Dr. Shaun Morris has dedicated his life to reducing infant mortality and this Kit is saving lives in the regions it is being used. A randomized controlled trial in Pakistan and Kenya has measured its effectiveness and we hope to share results with you once they are publicly announced.

The Neonatal Survival Kit is composed of simple, inexpensive, scalable yet effective items that are meant to:

  • Help prevent infection in newborns, a leading cause of mortality
  • Keep the infant warm enough in case of illness to reach medical help. The areas that the Kit is used are usually rural and often don’t have any medical help available within a day’s walk.
What is in the kit?
  1. Clean birth kit
    1. Comprised of 1 bar of soap, 1 clean plastic sheet, 1 sterilized razor blade, 1 string for the umbilical cord, 1 cord clamp, gloves, 1 maternity pad and set of pictorial instructions
  2. Chlorhexidine lotion
    1. an antiseptic to keep the umbilical stump clean and sterile
  3. Sunflower emollient
    1. to maintain the integrity of baby’s skin to prevent infection and maintain body temperature
  4. Mylar baby blanket
    1. to prevent heat loss
  5. Thermospot stickers
    1. to monitor baby’s temperature
  6. 1 click-to-heat warmer
    1. to keep infant warm

The Neonatal Survival Kit is pivotal in ensuring a safe birth for both mothers and their babies, and versatile to suit the less than ideal situation in which so many women are giving birth in rural, developing regions of our world.  

A Kenyan Birth Story

“In Mombasa, Kenya, a 30-year-old woman comes to the local clinic in labor with her husband but it is closed and there is no one to assist her. The soon-to-be mother takes the sterile plastic birthing mat from her Neonatal Survival Kit and places it on the concrete walkway of the building. She delivers her baby on her own directly onto the clean mat. They then use the clean cord clamp, ties and sterile blade provided in the Kit to safely cut the umbilical cord.” – January 29th, 2015

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