Meet Our Wonderful Manufacturer

"We envisioned a company that not only helped save the life of a baby through the power of the consumer, but gave back at every possible touchpoint. We would make sure our clothing was made in the most ethical way - paying fair prices to workers and providing equitable working conditions. We researched hundreds of factories and found the wonderful one with which we work - Assisi Garments in Southern India." 

- Allie and Samar, October 2012


Photo by Sanna Heikintalo PHOTOGRAPHER

Photo Credits: Copyright © 2012 Sanna Heikintalo

Our supplier, Assisi Garments is Fair Trade, Flo-Cert, and SAI8000 certified, meaning that Baby Hero products meet global environmental and labor standards for its entire supply chain from the cotton farmer to the fabric producer to the product maker - all involved provide a decent workplace and adhere to high labor standards.


Assisi supports a community Leprosy Hospital with its profits. 


Assisi, run by Franciscan Nuns and a social enterprise in itself, supports a community Home for the Aged with its profits.

Assisi, run by Franciscan nuns, employs disadvantaged (hearing and sight impaired) men and women in its community. 

Assisi Garments was founded in 1994 by Franciscan Sisters in Tirupur, India as a non-profit rehabilitation program.  The company employs underprivileged women as well as physically challenged people with disabilities such as the blind and deaf.  Assisi prioritizes the empowerment of local women and has employed more than 1,500 women so far under pro-women schemes. In addition they have used their profits to found an HIV clinic, cancer treatment facility as well as centers for orphans and a hospital for people with leprosy. We're proud to work with a supplier that is doing so much good for the world!


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