What if?

In 2011 I had became a mother for the first time. After a difficult labour that ended in an emergency c-section, my newborn daughter had complications that could have been life-threatening if not for the excellent medical care to which we had access. Nothing about that time was easy and it brought into sharp focus the vulnerability of birth and the newborn period, the importance of a healthy start for mother and child.

In 2013, Allie Wieser and I launched Baby Hero, inspired by our own difficult births, with the desire to create a company dedicated to making birth safer for mothers and babies in the developing world.

I had been unable to stop thinking about the country in which I was born - Pakistan - and the challenges there for mothers and newborns. In some parts of the country, 1 out of 10 babies don’t survive their first month. Aquin Dennison, who eventually came on to work with Baby Hero said to me once about her own exceptionally difficult deliveries, “I am convinced that if I were giving birth 100 years ago, I would have died in childbirth”. Unfortunately what is 100 years ago for wealthy countries, is today for much of the world, especially South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, where health outcomes for mothers and babies are the worst.

Is pregnancy and the thought of a new child still a joy when you are unsure of your or his or her survival? What happens to a family, a community when babies and mothers don’t survive? What about babies that live but face serious illness as newborns? These questions and the hope that we can make a difference continue to inspire our work and are the reason that we donate medical products to newborns with every purchase you make.

Not just a donation

We wanted to build a brand that took care of the planet and people with whom we share it - values we hope to pass on to our own children. Poor outcomes for mothers and children in low-income countries is part of a larger cycle of poverty, and we have made sure our company fairly treats and pays every person in our supply chain, from the farmer to the garment worker. When people are given ethical, fair, dignified work, they are in control of their own destinies and they have far greater choice including around their health and reproductive decisions.

Fixing our mistakes

I live in Hong Kong, an archipelago, and we are fortunate that playing on the beach is a regular part of our time as a family. We have never gone to the beach without being assaulted by debris lapping at our feet. It is heartbreaking that our children will rarely see a clean beachfront, that we need to read about the water quality of a river before we let them wade in, that they can’t drink from a waterfall because it might contain chemical runoff. My oldest daughter remarked about the “bad people” who filled our oceans with plastic and I had to tell her those “bad people” were me and my generation, consuming without thinking, filling our landfills and oceans with garbage. Our commitment to the environment comes from a very real love of the natural world, and a desire to preserve it for our future generations. As such, we chose to make long-lasting clothes with chemical-free organic fabric that is quickly biodegradable and can be passed from siblings to friends and beyond. If we buy better, we can buy less and have less of a negative impact.

Together we can do this...

Baby Hero is a big idea - a children’s clothing company that is, we like to say, 360 Degrees Ethical. We deeply believe this is how it has to be done - business and companies, big and small, will help us build a better world. We believe parents want better choices - the ability to find clothes for their children that help and don’t harm the world. We are so glad you found us and we hope you’ll be happy with every part of your experience.

We’d love to hear from you - please reach out with any questions and suggestions, your own hopes and desires for your children and the world.

With gratitude,

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