Our Story

We have a simple philosophy at Baby Hero: To champion a better future for young families everywhere.    

We are a team of mothers who founded Baby Hero with the desire to create a line of organic baby clothing that is luxuriously comfortable for our little ones, safe for their delicate skin and resilient enough to handle all their lovable play. Even better, we wanted our products to help other babies in need.

Having experienced difficult deliveries with our own children, we know the immeasurable happiness of holding a healthy baby in our arms. Unfortunately, birth is the biggest lottery in life - where one is born or gives birth dictates the chance of survival for the baby and mother.

Our hope is that Baby Hero products will be a catalyst for change, bringing parents together to champion the cause of maternal and infant health in high risk communities. 

Baby Hero’s ‘Giving Model’ means for every organic product you purchase for your family, we’re able to give critical medical supplies to other families in need. All whilst making a lasting difference and employing responsible practices that benefit the communities we touch along the way.

Come be a hero for young families everywhere. Come champion a better future with us.

~Alicia Wieser and Samar Shaheryar
Co-Founders, Baby Hero


Allie with baby Adriana (12 months) at the Sassy Mama Photoshoot, April 2015
Samar with Isha (6 months) and Allie with Cooper (1.5 years)

For South China Morning Posts feature story on Baby Hero, December 2013

 Samar and Allie at the Baby Hero Launch Event - October 2013


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