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Mission: Create baby clothes that are not just beautiful and functional but take care of the planet and the people with whom we share it.

We are parents who recognize that we, and our children, are exceptionally lucky. We know it is up to us to share that luck if we want to leave a healthier, kinder, better world for our kids.
We are parents who want to be better global citizens and to raise global citizens. We believe in the beautiful diversity of this planet and know that while there are many things that unite us across borders and cultures, the love between parents and children is the most universal of values.
We are parents who believe that success is not a zero-sum game. We know that when we help others prosper, the whole world thrives. We recognize that your child has as much value as mine, and as much potential.
We are parents who want our children to breathe fresh air, swim in clean oceans, walk through lush forests, and be astounded by the wondrous flora and fauna of our planet. We know that how we treat our earth today will affect how our children live tomorrow.
We are parents who live the values we hope to pass on to our children. Our children will inherit this world and their compassion, their ability to see and fight for the needs of others and for our planet, will be their superpower.

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