Here are the top 6 reasons we are passionate about organic fabric for babies, children and ourselves.


Reduce waste

We don’t want our children to live on top of landfills. Our oceans and our landfills are choking on fabric. 80 billion pieces of clothing are bought every single year, and 90% of them go into a landfill. Synthetic fabrics can take up to 500 years to break down versus weeks for organic cotton. Plus, when it degrades, it doesn’t release harmful chemicals into the soil or the sea.

Respect producers

We don’t want farmers and their communities to sacrifice their health and well-being for our consumption. Cotton is mostly farmed in low-income countries by communities who don’t have the resources to advocate for themselves. The chemicals in conventional cotton leech into their water and their soil causing significant harm to the health of the local population, often resulting in catastrophic health-care costs for affected families. When farms use chemical-laden crops, they also kill the biodiversity of their environment, causing lasting harm to the soil. Non-organic cotton uses more water and the cost of the chemicals needed to maintain the crop, cripples small-scale farmers. We refuse to support an industry and use source material that treats its producers with such disregard.

Keep waters clean

We want our children to be able to swim in and enjoy clean rivers and oceans like we did when we were young. A study released in 2016 found that 90% of the debris they tested in freshwater and the ocean was microfibers. The same study found the stomachs of fish lined with these fibers, many of which are from synthetic clothing and thus chemically-laden, which means they are not only poisoning our water, but also our food supply via the fish we consume.

Long-living clothes

We want to buy less by buying better. Organic clothing lasts much longer than non-organic options because chemicals hasten the fraying process of clothes. We want you to pass our clothing on from sibling to friend to cousin and beyond. Not only does it strengthen community bonds, but it keeps clothing out of the landfill.

Protect babies health

We don’t want our babies more porous skin absorbing harsh chemicals. Babies have thinner, more porous skin. This makes them more susceptible to the effects of chemicals in their clothing. Organic cotton is hypoallergenic, so is also recommended by doctors for children with skin conditions such as eczema.

More comfy babies

We know our babies are happier when they are cozy and comfy. Organic clothing is softer than other fabric clothing because there are no chemicals to harden the fibers.

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