The garment industry is one of the worst abusers of human rights in the world, paying people below their worth and often employing them in slave-like conditions. We are committed to only using the most ethical facilities, those that treat their workers with the respect they deserve and pay them accordingly.


Why we chose Assisi Garments

Assisi was founded in 1994 by Francisican Nuns to give work to disadvantaged women from the local community. They are an organic only facility, believing the chemicals in conventional fabric are harmful to the communities they help. They employ over 300 women and 120 disabled people, pay and treat them well and provide them housing. They are a truly exceptional facility and a model for how garment manufacturers should operate.

Assisi’s Social Impact

Assisi Garments uses 100% of its own profits to support the welfare of its community. They fund and run a school for the deaf, dumb and blind and support a home for the elderly as well as an orphanage. They also support clinics for those with HIV/AIDS, cancer and leprosy. They are a truly giving, wonderful partner and we are proud to work with them!

Assisi’s Certifications

ISA 9001:2008, FLO, GOTS, SA 8000

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